Build Time 3 Months
Weight 90 lbs
Overall Length 108"
Overall Height 38"
Rake 60
Fork Length 39"
Trail 14 1/2"
Wheelbase 88"
Front Wheel 16"
Rear Wheel 24"
I got the idea to build this chopper about a year before I actually built it. I named it "the Tank" because it weights almost 100 lbs and it rolls like a tank. The actual build time took three months, 130 hours of work. I built the frame, fork, and rims from scratch. The rest of the parts were purchased. I built the tank out of styrofoam and then covered it in fiberglass. After fiberglass I used a lot of bondo to smooth out the tank and body. The rims were made using 1/8" plate steel and were machined using a vertical mill and an indexer. I bent the down tube of the frame using a portable conduit bender. The overall cost to build this bike was about $100.00 because I had most of the parts already. I designed and applied the paint job which took several weeks.


Here are all the pictures of the build.

Pictures Description
The beginning of my first chopper
Early assembly
After sheet metal
The beginning of the tank out of styrofoam
The tank carved to dimensions
First coat of fiberglass
First assembly with generic parts
Smoothing out the tank with bondo
Painted fork in the frame
After the red base color was added
Taped off for the gray
Finished paint before clear coat
Another angle

This is the finished product.

My email: mick@nlchoppers.com